To view the cookies folders under Windows 7/8, you need to modify the Windows Explorer behavior to show "protected OS files" first: Open Windows Explorer (Windows + E keys) Navigate to: Explorer > Organize > Folder and search Options > View > uncheck "Hide protected OS files" and apply the setting. To view the cookies folders once you can view hidden/protected files, you can simply navigate to

How do I copy internet explorer cookies from one computer Jul 19, 2007 How to reset cookies on Internet Explorer | Modern Street I still use Internet Explorer (and Chrome) sometimes, especially if some websites render better in them. If you use IE a lot, you may notice that it slows down after a while. Many times, it’s due to cookies. This post is mainly concerning IE 7. Windows v1709 and cookie handling changed? - Windows 10 … Dec 16, 2017 Get Cookies in Internet Explorer on Windows

What is the path for cookies folder in IE 11 under windows

Where Does Firefox Store Cookies | Firefox Support Forum Was wondering what folder Firefox stores cookies. Same place as Internet Explorer? Chosen solution No. Cookies are saved in the cookies.sqlite file in your Profile folder. Apparently there's something in this profile folder I shouldn't have deleting. Any way to prevent this and keep my layout? James the-edmeister Enable or Disable Cookies in Internet Explorer 11

This means that IE data that’s stored in the AppData\Roaming user profile folder is still be uploaded to your normal profile storage location after a user successfully logs off. Note Cookies in a roaming profile can only be set by Internet Explorer for the desktop, with Enhanced Protected Mode turned off.

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