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With Unblock-Us, all you need to do is change your DNS settings on your devices! Speed Unlike many other third-party DNS services, Unblock-Us does not compromise the speed of your Internet connection. The secure servers which Unblock-Us use allow you to experience a better, faster Internet. I guess unblock-us looks for everybody to just configure the devices with their DNS server IP addresses blindly instead of choosing which domains to route to their DNS servers via the way that I and a few people configured with dnsmasq. May 08, 2019 · Have a look at the Unblock-US website for detailed instructions on setting up Unblock-US on your wireless router. You need to change your DNS settings to use Unblock-US. Be sure to make a note of your original DNS settings in case you need to revert to the original settings. Only a small percentage of data sent to the websites we support flows through our servers. We don't log or analyze any data passing through. Best VPN Services for 2020

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2013-7-1 How to Unblock US Netflix Abroad | CactusVPN How to Unblock US Netflix with CactusVPN? Register an account with CactusVPN.; Install our user-friendly cross-platform compatible apps, or use our helpful tutorials to set up the Smart DNS service on different devices.; Enjoy being able to access Netflix abroad in a matter of seconds. Unblock US Review | Security Gladiators

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Unblock sites like Netflix, Hulu, ITV, iPlayer & more Get FREE Trial. Very Fast Servers. Forget about lag and latency. Enjoy smooth browsing and internet access. 24/7 email support. Just contact us and we'll help you find solutions for virtually any location and device. Money Back Guarantee. We offer 14-Day money back guarantee. Write Unblock-Us SmartDNS Review - Unblock-Us offers arguably the best SmartDNS service out there, but why pay when you could search for free DNS addresses online? Changing your DNS manually is a common thing to do to circumvent geo-locked websites, or when trying to troubleshoot access to an open website, but manually entering DNS servers can often lead to lots of frustration