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webrtc - STUN server address is incompatible | Error code The second IP address and port on the server is used for STUN client filtering tests to detect what type of NAT is in effect. The client sends a binding request on the server's primary ip and port, but with a change request attribute to have the server respond from the alternate IP address or port. More often than not, this binding request with Orchestrating TURN Servers for Cloud Deployment | CSE Jan 29, 2018 STUN Client and Server download | Dec 23, 2015 2 best open source stun projects.

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Although media leveraging STUN is not a direct host-to-host session it is the next best option as the media path is still sent directly between the two client’s own firewalls, over the Internet. This keeps the media session as short as possible and does not burden the corporate network with handling the media relay processing or bandwidth. How to Configure a STUN server for 3CX Phone System

The reflexive address is best defined as the IP address of the client or the IP address of the closest NAT to the Office Communications Server A/V Edge Server that the subsequent STUN/TURN Allocate Request packet from the client has passed through.

The Role of STUN Protocols in VoIP Implementation Jun 17, 2020