Oct 13, 2017

HTML - Redirect To Local Html File - AllWebDevHelp.com Redirect To Local Html File. Similar Tutorials: View Content: I am in the process of installing an internet blocker on my Ubuntu machine. I have an access denied page that I have made up, but I want the page to redirect to a file located in each user's home folder after a few seconds. This basically makes a unique page for each user when How to Redirect index.html to index.php | CSS-Tricks Aug 09, 2010 How to Redirect an HTML Page to Another URL - 1. Frontline Apr 09, 2012

To create an HTML redirect page, you use the HTML meta tag, along with the 'http-equiv' and 'content' attributes. Redirect code. To create an HTML redirect, place the following code between the document's head tags. In the above example, the page will redirect to the specified page in 5 seconds (as indicated in the 'content' attribute).

@PravindaAmarathunga redirect is one of the elements, but not the only one. Just be sure that protected elements doesnt get outputted at all for unauthorized users; Browser's redirect can be disabled client-side, for example: if the browser doesnt do the redirect and the original page get outputted as normal, what would the user see?

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Redirect url in above method can be relative. e.g: you want to redirect to Login page or any relative page by index.html in root of website. don't need to know your domain name. but when you set window.location.href="xxx"; you must know domain name. – Zolfaghari Aug 12 '18 at 11:21