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Re: [Openvpn-users] Certificate does not have key usage

The following is a technical description on how to configure Tasker for use with the OpenVPN Connect app for Android. It is important to note here that the profile name mentioned below is something that is defined during the import process, and will not change even if you change the name of your profile after the import procedure has concluded. OpenVPN Client Export to OpenVPN Connect (iOS) Oct 01, 2016

Unable to import OpenVPN profile (application/octet-stream

Jan 17, 2016 Medo's Home Page DISK=/dev/disk/by-id/ ata-xxx USB=/dev/disk/by-id/ usb-xxx POOL= Ubuntu HOST= server Next let’s sort out question of the encryption key. Assumption is that the key will be on the first partition of the FAT formatted USB drive and we’ll mount it at /tmpusb.While you could create the key material directly, I personally prefer the passphrase as it makes life easier in the case of recovery. VPN File - How to open or convert VPN files