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First one is, the primary DNS and the second one is, the secondary one. You can use Google DNS instead of your ISP’s DNS servers. Advantages Of Using Google Public DNS: 1. Google Public DNS is Faster and Reliable: Google DNS resolves the hostnames faster than many DNS servers that belong to ISPs.

DNS tools | Manage Monitor Analyze | DNSstuff DNSstuff offers DNS tools, Network tools, Email tools, DNS reporting and IP information gathering. Explore monitoring products and free DNS tools at DNSstuff. DNS Security (DNSSEC) | Cloud DNS Documentation | Google Cloud Jun 22, 2020 Set up DKIM to prevent email spoofing - G - Google Help DKIM uses a pair of keys, one private and one public, to verify messages. A private domain key adds an encrypted signature header to all outgoing messages sent from your Gmail domain.. A matching public key is added to the Domain Name System (DNS) record for your Gmail domain.Email servers that get messages from your domain use the public key to decrypt the message signature and verify the How to Add Google Public DNS to Your Wi-Fi Router