TP-Link Routers - D-LINK SYSTEMS, INC | WIRELESS ROUTER | HOME Your D-Link router, by default, has a static IP address of This means that addresses to can be made available for allocation by the DHCP Server. Example: Your D-Link router uses for the IP address. You've assigned a computer that you want to designate as a Web server with a static IP address of How to Find a Router's IP Address in Windows 10 - Make Oct 16, 2017 Router ip address doesn't work / page isn’t

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TP-Link SOHO Community Welcome to TP-Link SOHO Community! You can search discussions or ask a question about your product in our community. SOHO Community. Home. Forums My new router is not obtaining an IP address from my cable modem. Wi-Fi Routers. By Carl. 11268. 7. A WiFi Controlled Ceiling Fan Speed control Wall Switch. Product Suggestion. By cg_45. 678. 6. How to Change DNS Servers on Most Popular Routers Jul 14, 2020

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