2016-2-24 · TrueCrypt's formal code audit will continue as planned. Then the code will be forked, the product's license restructured, and it will evolve. The name will be changed because the developers wish to preserve the integrity of the name they have built. They won't

People, businesses, and governments all over the world use TrueCrypt to protect their privacy. We need help making it better and more secure. | Check out 'The TrueCrypt Audit' on Indiegogo. VeraCrypt 将进行安全审计 - OSCHINA 2016-8-16 · VeraCrypt是 TrueCrypt的分支, 主要开发者是法国的Mounir Idrassi,他在TrueCrypt基础上强化了防暴力破解功能。 安全审计对于一款加密软件至关重要,QuarksLab将致力于寻找软件的漏洞和后 门,审计结果将首先提供给VeraCrypt的开发者,以避免将新发现的0day漏洞泄漏,在主要漏洞修复之后,安全审计报告将 TrueCrypt - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader 2020-1-8 · VeraCrypt is a fork of TrueCrypt. Security improvements have been implemented and issues raised by the TrueCrypt code audit just before the TrueCrypt developers retired have been addressed. tc-play. tc-play is an independently-developed open-source implementation of the TrueCrypt format. [30] Windows 7 Encryption using TrueCrypt by Security Audit …

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TrueCrypt's Security Audit Is Finally Done, with (Mostly TrueCrypt, one of our favorite encryption tools of the past few years, has finally finished undergoing a security audit. Here’s how it fared, and what that means for you. TrueCrypt security audit is good news, so why all the glum The ongoing audit of the TrueCrypt whole-disk encryption tool used by millions of privacy and security enthusiasts has reached an important milestone—a detailed review of its cryptographic

TrueCrypt security audit is good news, so why all the glum

VeraCrypt security audit reveals many flaws, some already 2016-10-18 · VeraCrypt security audit reveals many flaws, some already patched VeraCrypt, the free, open source disk encryption software based on TrueCrypt, has … TrueCrypt_运维_weixin_33699914的博客-CSDN博客