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Oct 04, 2018 GitHub - mahekchheda/UDP-based-FTP However, Simple-FTP will use UDP to send packets from one host to another, hence it has to implement a reliable data transfer service using the Go-back-N ARQ scheme. Using the unreliable UDP protocol allows us to implement a “transport layer” service such as reliable data transfer in user space. STP, UTP, FTP Cable & More: 7 Cable Types & When to Use Them!

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Does FTP use TCP? - Quora FTP itself uses the TCP transport protocol exclusively, or in other words, it never uses UDP for its transport needs. Typically an application layer protocol will use one or the other. One notable exception to that is DNS or Domain TCP and UDP Ports Explained - BleepingComputer If it uses the UDP protocol to send and receive data, it will use a UDP port. Figure 1, below, is a represenation of an IP address split into its many TCP and UDP ports.

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FTP is a TCP based service exclusively. There is no UDP component to FTP. FTP is an unusual service in that it utilizes two ports, a 'data' port and a 'command' port (also known as the control port). Traditionally these are port 21 for the command port and port 20 for the data port. List of TCP and UDP port numbers - Wikipedia