3.Open Bitvise SSH Client. 4.Enter SSH username, host, port and password . which you has been created before. 5.In Bitvise SSH Client, Click Services tab , Check SOCKS/HTTP Proxy Forwading, and do the same things like this picture below. 6. Click Login in Bitvise SSH Client, then choose accept and save so it will be look like this picture below. 7.

Git over an ssh tunnel (like through a firewall or VPN The internet or VPN host that has access to your git repository. Let's call it proxy.example.com. The host that has the git repository on it. We'll call it git.example.com, and we'll assume that access to git is via ssh on port 22, which is very common for git repos with commit access. Step 2: Use git with an ssh URL to connect through the What’s the Difference Between SSH and VPN? Which One is Aug 22, 2018 SSH Tunneling - Poor Techie's VPN | Linux Journal

Apr 15, 2017

Mar 28, 2012 Can you use a VPN to access a SSH to use a remote server

Git over an ssh tunnel (like through a firewall or VPN

sshuttle is not exactly a VPN, and not exactly port forwarding. It’s kind of both, and kind of neither. It’s like a VPN, since it can forward every port on an entire network, not just ports you specify. Conveniently, it lets you use the “real” IP addresses of each host rather than faking port numbers on localhost. VPN vs. SSH Tunnel: Which Is More Secure? Jun 09, 2015